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As the main trunk of the tree grows, branches come up automatically. As the Main Ashram of Sri Kali Gardens founded by H.H.SRI SRI SRI HANUMAT KALI VARA PRASADA BABUJI MAHARAJ is growing, the followers and devotees are also increasing ; so also; the branches of the Main Ashram have come up at various places.



 ( Sri Ram nagar colony, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telanagana)


Started on 17th January, 2003

Donor: Due to the benevolence of Smt. Nelabhotla mahalaxmi w/o Sri.N.Rama Murty and daughter of Sri Kandarpa Parasuramayya garu, foster father of Sri Babuji Maharaj the building was gifted to the Ashram.




                        The Ashram was rebuilt as a five storied building and a marble statue of Sri Gurumaharaj was installed on 25/01/2015 at 10.04 A.M.



Basement: Parking. 1st Floor : “Sri Brindavan” Prayer hall, where all poojas and morning and evening prayer are conducted. 2nd Floor: “Satsang Hall”. 3rd Floor: Dormitories for Ladies and gents with separate modern bath rooms. 4th floor: Special rooms with attached bath, and a small dormitory.  5th floor: H.H.Sri Mataji’s quarters.

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(Replicas of Sri Rama Parivaram, Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Siva Parivaram and Sri Kali Matha are placed in the floors 2,3,4, & 5 respectively)

Programmes:  4.00 a.m  - 4.30 a.m.  -Suprabhatam

                          4.30 a.m  - 5.00 a.m  - Meditation

                          5.00 a.m  - 6.00 a.m  - Morning Prayer

                        10.00 a.m - 11.00 a.m - Meditation

                          6.00 p.m   07.00 p.m  -Evening prayer

Special Programmes:

            Sri Sadguru Pada Puja and Satsangs every month on Sri Guru Dasami is conducted

(The 19th day of the daraker half of lunar month ie “Krishna Paksha Dasami” is the day Sri Guru Maharaj attained Maha Samadhi is celebrated as “Guru Dasami”) and “Poornima” (full moon day)

All other festivals celebrated as in the main ashram



(West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh)


             We can not talk about Peda Nindrakolanu branch without rembering Sri Kopperla Venkataraju Garu (Mostly known as “Nindrakolanu Doctor garu”. He was a great devotee who realized the divinity of Shri Gurumaharaj and spent all his life spreading the Gospel of Truth.

            Nindrakolanu devotees built a Temple for Sri Gurudev along with the ardent devotee Sri Nindrakolanu Doctor garu adjacent to the original ‘Dasa Anjaneya’ Temple where Sri Gurumaharaj used to give darashan to Dr.Venkataraju and other devotees on every “Shuddha Ekadasi”.



Donor: Sri Kunaparaju Narayana Raju Garu donated the site for the Ashram.

Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Yagam and Bhaakta Sahita Sri Sadguru Murty Pratishta (Statue of Sri Gurudev along with Sri Venkataraju garu) was performed in 2004. (*30.01.2004 to 1.02.2004)

Sri Anjaneya Swami’s statue was replaced by another marble statue on 3-5-2015

Special Poojas: Every Shuddha Ekadasi, Gurudasami and Poornima.



(Prakasam Dist)

            Sri Avadhutendra Bhajana Mandali” was started by Sri Sriram garu. Sri Sriram garu  gave it in adoption to Sri Kalivanashram

Every month Masa Sivaratri: There will be ekaham (24 hours Sankeerthana)



(West Godavari Dist)

 Donors: Sri. K.K.S.Raja and Smt., K.Momali.

They donated the site  and construction is going on.



(East Godavari Dist)

Donor: Sri. N.Pullaji