Samardha Sadguru

Sri Sri Sri Hanumath Kali Vara Prasad Babuji Maharaj


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          Bharat, our sacred motherland had always enjoyed and continues to enjoy the privilege of producing many seers and sages who are immortalized by the bliss of self realization. While realizing the Self is one thing, to guide and help others realize it is another; and he that lends such guidance is reverentially referred to as GURU in Sanskrit. This word GURU has no synonym in any other language to convey its full meaning and effect. When elaborated, the first letter ‘GU’ means darkness, that is ignorance; and the second letter ’RU’ means the dispelling of darkness and conferring of wisdom.
          Thus ‘GURU  ‘ is he that is light itself, the light of wisdom; the only light that can dispel the darkness of ignorance which the brilliance of a billion suns cannot. adadgurus like Sri Sankaracharya, Loed Buddha, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Rama Thirtha,J bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and many others were born in this land.All these were great personages who richly enjoyed the absolute state of self realization but were not contended. They came out of their seclusion and sacrifice everything to share the wealth of their experience with many thousands of their brethren.

          Samartha Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Hanumath Kali Vara Prasad Babu is one of that clan, presently gracing with jis divne presence, Sri Babu Vignana Mandir is Sri Kali Gardens. This is an ashram located at a short distance from Nambur Railway station in guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Babu is an ardent advocate of Rajayoga, and a great Rajarishi himself. Though he has not taken up the traditional sanyasa ashram, he is a true sanyasi in the real sense of the word having shattered the shackles of mortal bondage and attained the state of supreme bliss (Nirvikalpa Samadhi) in his childhood it self.
          As a young boy Sri Babu set out in quest of spiritual enlighnement and in the process spent many years in severe penance, deep meditation and constant touring across the length and breath of the country. The deity of his earliest worship was Lord Sri Rama whose Sakshatar(Darshan) he had on many occasions. Whenever he was wandering in forests or such other lonely places he always used to have the experience of being accompanied and protected by Lord Hanuman. He had spent many a month in meditation at each of the sacred places like Srisailam, Tirumala, Sabarimalai, Uttarakasi and interior Himalayas. He had visited every place of pilgrimage and owned all spiritual experience that it could offer. Those who had the privilege of accompanying him during a more recent tour of north & South India, had actually seen how, at every place he used to spend many hours and even days in a state of identity with the presiding deity of the place.
          Most part of Sri Babuji’s early life was spent in almost total seclusion. He was known to very few people during that time. Even those that knew him could get his darsan very rarely and that too at intuitively appointed places and timings. None dared to look straight into his brilliant and powerful eyes or even touch his feet. Due to the constant inward diversion of all senses(Antarmukhatva) his faculty of speech was effected. (Now of course he speaks with the thunderous voice of the Divine Mother) his formal education came to a conclusion even before his learning the alphabet because, when he took up the slate and pencil to practice the letters of alphabet, He saw the Divine Mother Sri Kali there in the slate. In spite of these handicaps, he used to discuss many spiritual topics with the learned Pandits and correct and convince them. They were all arms down before his wisdom born out of practical experience.
         It was during this period that he came into contact with the great sage and Rajayogi, Sri Kandarpa Parasuramayya. The two were so much drawn towards each other that the later used to regard Sri Babu as his only spiritual heir and divine gift. Sri Parasuramayya considered Sri Babu as his friend, philosopher and guide; and Sri Babu even to day refers, with moistened eyes, reverentially to Sri Parasuramayya as his father. It was this great man that could contain Sri Babu with all his soaring spiritual ambitions and attainments and persuade him to sacrifice his solitude and seclusion for the nobler mission of the emancipations and the upliftment of millions of mundane me and women. The divine direction and guidance of  Sri babu would not have been perhaps available to all his devotees to day, but for the efforts made by Sri Parasuramayya and Sri Babu’s two most adherent devotees, Late Dr. Lanka Seahagirirao and the Late Mr. Mavulrti chiranjeevirahu to keep him in our midst.

          The presiding deities of Sri Babuji’s daily worship are the divine mother Sri Kali and Sri Hanuman. All the same the summem bonum of his preaching’s and practice is Advaita of the highest class. This rare and marvelous blending of the Saguna and nirguna cults finds its paralleled  only in Sri Ramkrishna Parmahamsa. Equally harmoniously blended in Sri Babu are the frank forthrightness of a child and the sparkling wisdom of a Brahmagnani.
People who have known Sri Babu even as boy of fifteen narrate with astonishment and adoration how all the divine powers came to him automatically. There have been innumerable instances in which Babuji cured cases of disease declared hopeless by expert doctors, solved admittedly impossible family feuds and brought to reconciliation parties with mutually murderous intentions. But all these, he humbly claims, are the divine mother’s benevolent operations executed through “this instrument (Pointing to Hi  Self) “ the great and kind mother has just chosen to put on this grab (Himself) for carrying out  Her acts of mercy towards her suffering children” declares Sri Babu. He shuns the use off acquired powers for material gains and is convinced that they are a great impediment to one’s spiritual progress.

          Material pleasures are nothing, when compared with the pleasure of the realizing that you are not this mortal frame, but that you are the immortal Self; the one and only one indivisible, omini present omnipotent and omniscient Self. But, infinitely greater and beyond measure is the pleasure that such a realized soul would in the faces of all those whom he could inspire, guide and help to realize the Self as he himself did. A spiritual leader or Guru would prefer such pleasure to personal bliss.
         Sri Babu does not preach any rigid dogmas. He only exhorts people to avail of the most privileged human birth to extricate themselves from the cycle of births and deaths by leading a simple, pure and spiritual life. According to him, leading a spiritual life, does not mean renouncing the responsibilities towards one’s family, vocation or society. In fact, one is advised to discharge all such responsibilities sincerely and wholely heartedly, but only through righteous means without harming others. In spite of one’s busy routine, one can still fine time to spend few moments in fervent prayer and meditation, if only one does not allow laziness to override him, because, laziness is Death.
        Prayer coupled with faith bestows mental poise and in ward purity Sri Babu assures that uni-pointed devotion towards, and unsverving faith in, the lotus feet of the  Lord that is guru, provide the surest remedy for all sufferings and also lead us to the ultimate goal.
        The number of people coming into the fold of Sri Babu’s divine spell has been ever on the increase. It was, therefore, found necessary to bring up an ashramam and request Sri Babu to grace the same constantly with his divine presence, so that all devotees could have his darsna to seek and obtain his Vignana Mandir thus came into existence in 1972. there is absolutely no discrimination on the basis of caste, cred or sex in this ashram. Disciples of all communities live and dine together there. The nectar of  spiritual messages flows perennially from his divine centre of knowledge through the ringing voice of Sri babu, to keep rejuvenating and enlivening all those blessed beings that come in to his electrifying presence, get into his assuring looks and feel his curing touch. Morning and evening prayers along ith the recitiation of the Upanishads and the gita Sankirtan, critical commentary on the classics like, Ramayana, bhagavata etc. and lectures on spiritual topics are some of the daily features of the Ashram.
        On almost all the festival days there will be Guru Pada Pooja as also other special programmes. The Navratri celebrations in the Ashram during the Dasara festival cannot be sufficiently described but can only be enjoyed by personal participation and experience. It is no exaggeration to say that every day is festival day in the ashram in the divine presence of Sri Babu. Sri Babu never preached rigid dogmas. He advocated the path of Raja yoga for one and all. Leading spiritual life did not mean renouncing the responsibilities towards one's.

          According  to Sri Babu, intense and unswerving faith in Guru (that guru is himself the God supreme) and implicit obedience to Guru's directions are enough for a spiritual seeker to achieve his goal of self-realization. Sri Babu was originally very much against publicity. His darsan was scarcely available and he forbade his devotees from communicating with others about him. But as the number of devotees swelled up, the urge among his devotees to have his darsan and guidance became uncontainable. All the devotees implored upon Sri Babu to permit them to bring up an Ashram where his gracious presence and divine guidance could be made available to all desirous devotees
       Thus came into being Sri Kali Gardens Ashram in 1972. And ever thereafter, Sri Babu Vignana Mandir, that is Sri Babuji's cottage in the Ashram, became perennial fountain -head from where the nectar of spiritual education springs out eternally to reach and rejuvenate people in every nook and corner of the world. Sri Babu repeatedly visited not only different parts of the country but also many countries abroad like U.S, U.K, West Indies, France etc. and gave invaluable spiritual discourses and guidance to many spiritual seekers.

          Sri Babu gives people what they want in the hope that they will begin to want what he wants to give them. Samardha Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Hanumath Kali Vara Prasad Babuji Maharshi, enshrined in the hearts of his disciples as "Babu", hails from such a clan of Gurus and graced this element of human habitation with his divine presence of nearly seven decades of the twentieth century.