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Daily activities in Ashram
          Ashram Devotees starts their daily activities in the early morning (Brahma Muhurtham) at 4:00 A.M., chanting Pranava Nadha

1. Suprabhatam 4:00 A.M to 4:45 A.M
2. Nagara sankeertanam 4:45 A.M to 5:00 A.M
3. Community prayer 5:00 A.M to 6:00 A.M
4. Devotional songs or Bhajans 6:00 A.M to 7:00 A.M
5. Sri Babuji pooja room will be open for Darshan after performing pooja.  
6. Darshan at all temples.  Devotees, if so desire can perform Archanas (Ritual worship) at the temples between 5:00 A.M to 9:00 A.M  
7. Theertham and Prasadam will be distributed to the Devotees after darshan.  
8. Community Meditation 10:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M
9. Bhajans or singing devotional songs

11:00 A.M to 12:00Noon

10. Exposition from Hindu spiritual classics (from Ramayana, Maha Bharatham, Bhaghavatam etc.) 2:30 P.M to 3:00 P.M
11. Community prayer 6:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M
12. Rendering from Sri Babuji discourses (from Guru vani, Sri Babuji smrutulu etc.) 7:00 P.M to 7:15 P.M
13. Meditation 7:15 P.M to 8:00 P.M
  Ashram Devotees spend maximum time for participating in Satsangs, Bhajans, Meditation etc.  


Special Programs

  1. Dhanurmasam and Sankranthi: (30 days)
    Dhanurmasam celebration starts on 16th December and extends to 15th January Sankranthi, during these days the daily prayer consists of additional chanting from Tiruppavi Mukunda mala, Narayana Kavacham and satsang starts at 9:30 A.M with commentaries on Sundarakanda, Bhagvad Gita, Tulsi Ramayana, Biographies of great saints and Rishis, Bhagavatam etc. Sri Sadguru Padapuja and Radha Krishna puja are performed followed by Sri Mathaji discourses. The program ends at 2:00 P.M with Theertham and Prasadam. 13th Bhogi, Satsang, Sadguru pada puja at night the traditional function of pouring Bhogi (Berry) fruits and coins on Sadguru. 14/15th Sankranthi, Satsang discourse by Poojya Sri Mathaji (Guru bodha) and Sri Sadguru Pada Puja.

  2. Shiva Ratri (Two days): Program consists of Maha Rudrabhishekam, Siva Parvathi Kalyanam and procession of deities. Next day Sankeerthanam, Satsang, Sri Sadguru Pada puja, Gurubodha and Maha Prasadam.

  3. Sree Rama Navami: The program consists of Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanam, Guru bodha and Sri Sadguru Pada puja etc.

  4. Shankara Jayanthi: (Also anniversary of Brindavan Prathishta) Satsang discourses of Sri Mathaji, Sadguru pada puja and Maha prasadam.

  5. Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebration (3 days): The program consists of celebration of Lord Sri Krishna Birth, Sri Radha Krishna pooja sankeerthanam, Satasang, Guru bodha and Sadguru pada pooja etc.

  6. Ashada Sudda Ekadasi: Sri Sadguru pada puja and discourses.

  7. Dasara celebrations (Durga/Kali Matha puja) - 12 days.
    Goddess Kali matha is decorated in different 'Avathars' and the puja is performed, which includes Devi Bhagavatha pravachanam, Sankeerthanam. Satsang and Gurubodha etc., from 8:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M. At 2:30 P.M Kumkum archana, Mantra pushpam followed by theertam and Maha prasadam. On the last day night after sadguru pada puja Raksha (Tilakam) will be put on the Forehead of Devotees and kum kum, Akshathalu will be distributed to all - last 3 days programs includes Ekaham, Deeksha viramana, sankeerthanam, procession, Sri Sadguru pada puja and Maha prasadam.

  8. Sri Sadguru Aradhana Celebrations (7 days): After Sri Babu attained Maha Samadhi, a seven days Aradhana function is being celebrated every year from 3rd new moon day to 10th new moon day (Dasami) in the month of Karthika. Daily activities includes Sankeerthanam (24 hours non-stop), meditation (24 hours non-stop), Parayana of a different type every day (24 hours non-stop), Sri Sadguru pada puja with Laksha Namarchan and Gurubodha from 10:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M. This is followed by theertham and Maha prasadam on all the 7 days. Subsequently, procession, Deeksha Viramana, is celebrated by all the devotees of the Ashram collectively.

  9. Special pujas are also performed on the following occasions, and all the festival like Bheeshma Ekadasi, Deepavali, Guru Nanak Jayanthi, Christmas, Good Friday, Ugadi, Mahaveer Jayanthi, Buddha Purnima, Moharum, Ramzan, Vinayak Chathurthi and four Vyas purnimas i.e., in the months of Ashada, Karthika, Magha, Vyshaaka. The programs include Sankeerthana, Satsang, Guru bodha and Maha prasadam, etc. Pada puja are performed on the full moon days and the tenth new moon day of every month.
    Spiritual based cultural programs are organised on Dassera and Aradhana celebrations like Quiz, Harikatha by devotees and Drama programs on life stories of great Devotees like, Bhaktha Prahaladha, Samardha Ramdas, Tukharam, Sakkubai, Kamaldas, Santh Eknath etc, by the children of Devotees